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Our Projects

Project Monitoring System

Project Monitoring System (PMS)

Project Monitoring System (PMS) is an online Web Based multiuser hierarchy based Computer application for Management Consultancy. A single interface for monitoring all Projects of all Functions based on various predefined Parameters.

This Software Monitors all Ongoing Projects from planning to execution stage including Deliverables, Invoicing Payments, Expenses, Resource Management, Document Management, QMS/BMS Compliances, Debtors, WIP and Contibution.

This application provides on screen alert as shows below !

  • Alert show when no updation is pending
  • Alert shows before 7 days of due date of pending task.
  • Alert show on and after scheduled/Due date of task.

Curriculum Vitae Management System (CV Data Bank)

Curriculum Vitae Management System (CV Data Bank) application is developed for maintaining Curriculum Vitae of the experts for a management Consultancy Company. The Software has extensive search capabilities to manage CVs for existing and potential experts based on various criteria like qualification, experience and knowledge sectors.

It also indexes various components like Scanned signatures and photographs of the experts.

This software automates storage, retrival and search of CVs to act as CVs search engine with interactive search of CVs against vast criteria to find exact match. This software can generate various formats prescribed by the International Financial Institutions i.e. World Bank, Asian Development Bank, NHAI and the Japan International Cooperation Association.

Business Development Monitoring System (BDMS)

This Proposal Bank is web based online real-time development for Management Consultancy, which has capability to manage and monitor proposals and EOIs making for business development.

Auto Email alert for "to-be-submitted" proposals/EOIs list on daily basis, and automates the storage , retrival and search of previously submitted proposals/ EOIs act as knowledge base to reuse sections and methodologies already written for previous Proposals/EOIs and Interactive search of Porposals/EOIs against vast criteria to find exact match and provide power worksheet (PWS) area for Proposals/EOIs making and using CVs from CV Bank.

It provide collaboration area for business development team online access to Advertisements, RFPs, Contracts, Standard Documents, financial Statements, Proposal Submitted, Original Proposals Documents, Project Photos and Other related documents Store and retrieve Proposals/EOIs results as lesson learnt provide period based statics of proposals/EOIs submitted, won, lost and under evalution and also provide winning ratios etc.
Secure access through different user rights and roles on country, region and division levels.

Management Information System (NTC-MIS)

National Textile Corporation is a Central Public Sector Enterprise with pan India presence. We developed a web based MIS Software for NTC as an IT solution partner of JPS Associated Private Limited. This software connected 24 mills of NTC with their Regional offces and Head Office and provided business logic support functionality to improve productivity and efficiency.

A major functionality of this software is to capture all the technical , financial, Personal, Marketing ( Sales ) and Engineering data at mill level to generate reports at Mill level and sonsolidated reports at Regional Office level and Head Office level on Daily, Weekly, Quarterly , Half Yearly, Yearly basis . It provides services to a large number of NTC users.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a cloud based solution that helps you track sales activities, predict customer behavior, automate, and keep sales processes streamlined. The solution is featured with colored alerts/indicators of Fresh Leads, HOT leads, Warm Leads, Closed Leads etc.

Admin will upload Fresh leads from excel file, that will be distributed to the Helpdesk Executive. The helpdesk executive will fill the call details with customer feedback and next follow up date.
Top level executives will be able to view the graphical reports of the progress.

This application provides on screen alert as shows below !

  • Fresh leads
    Cold leads
  • Hot leads
    Closed leads
  • Warm leads

Downtime Management System (MIS)

Downtime Management System application provides Cost and downtime analysis of a biscuit manufacturing company to improve the organization's productivity and efficiency. By deploying a single model across the enterprise and leveraging the organization's information evaluation activities, this software successfully captured the true economic impact of each consideration.

One of the major functionality of this software is to capture all the production, and downtime data at plant level to generate informative reports on Daily, Monthly, and Yearly basis.

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Indo German Alumni Network Portal (IGAN)

Indo German Alumni Network Portal (IGAN) is a platform prompted to further interests of citizens of both countries who have benefited from efforts of Indo-German Co-operation and wish to stay engaged on a continuing basis for professional or personal gain or mutual development.

Inventory Management System

TOSHA International is a typical manufacturing firm engaged in the business of electrical equipment and services. We developed this software as a tool to computerize all the departments like Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Job card etc.

This software comprised of different modules i.e. Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing, Purchases and Supplies and Project Monitoring.

Online Test Series Management System

Online Test Series Management System , it is important to understand process changes related to online test.

Online Test platform should be secure and it should have proper mechanism to store results and responses of each student along with timer management. Platforms like Tannu Software provide secure way to manage all such information. Platform should be secure to handle scalability when hundreds of students simultaneously appearing for the test.

Online Test Series is generally included objective questions and each student get random sequence of questions. So it prevents copying of the answers by the students. There is timer for each student so test gets finished as soon as timer show no time remaining. Since question sequence for each student is different and pattern of test is same, such test can be conducted over the period of time instead of having thousands of students simultaneously appearing for the test.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System. is an Electronic Health Records System (EHR) designed to manage all aspects of a hospital operation. This customizable healthcare solution includes OPD and IPD Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Ward Management, Admission/Discharge, Online Appointments Scheduling, Billing System. It is developed following the best practices around the world.

The hospital management billing module is central and controlling all cash transactions, and multi point billing activities of the hospital.

Tourism Software Solution

The Tourism Software Solution is a web Based Application. The objective of this project is to provide an integrated and multilingual solution for travel agencies, calculate the tour package cost including Hotel, Transportation, Excursion, Air/Train fare with miscellaneous expenses for Tourist.

This application also facilitate user to provide information of supplement / reductions using other room Type in same Hotel and same Room Type In other hotel. Through this application user can create their own itenary and can choose the best available option to stay.

CCMS Application (Court Case Monitoring System)

This Software is developed for a Law Firm with the functionality to Capture all the Court cases, case history, client details, case hearing details etc. This Software can manage all the case history, next hearing date with ease and convenience.

Multi Level Marketing Application

This Software provides business logic support functionality for MLM (Multi Level Marketing), which aims to provide Business Tree and Genealogy of the members associated with this business.

This application handles the chain under each registered member. On the basis of their joining, this application calculates their earning and rewards..

Delivery Management System

This Software provides a robust ‘Delivery Management System’ to a courier service provider.

The consignment details can be uploaded from MS Excel sheet to the database, and the consignment can be assigned to delivery boys, status of the consignment can be updated by the delivery supervisor on daily basis.

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